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Best app to get Instagram followers for free – 2 best apps

Best app to get Instagram followers for free

(Best app  2022-23)


best app to get followers for free

Nowadays, Everyone wants to gain followers on Instagram & many peoples would like to be famous on Instagram but quite small part of them can succeed. So I decided to share the best app to get Instagram followers for free. Many Instagram apps require you to enter your Instagram account details. But you don’t get good followers there or get followers but gradually lose then you can get temporary benefit from such apps but not according to your benefit. I’ll tell you two such best applications with which you can get good followers in time and you can get good followers on your Instagram account.

I have tried many apps to finalize the best app to get Instagram followers for free. But I wasted my time with many fake applications and got nothing right followers. But finally, after a long search, I know the two best apps that I personally use to get free followers. This page will give you complete information from creating accounts to increasing followers in proper steps.

Which 2 apps I recommend?



Now, I tell you in detail about these two apps.


Hiketop is an app that allows you to increase your Instagram followers quickly. I put it first in my article because it really works and you can get thousands of followers on your Instagram for free & it is the best app to get Instagram followers for free.

Any free follower increase application requires you to follow someone, So for that you always have to create a fake Instagram account in advance so that you can follow other people from it and when you want to get followers, add your real account and get followers in it.

In this app you have to collect diamonds which you collect by following and liking other peoples with your fake Instagram ID, then you add your original Instagram ID with these Diamonds and then people follow you and in this way you get more followers in some time.

How can we gain followers through Hiketop?


The following step will help you in increasing followers through Hiketop;

• Step 1: Simply Download “Hiketop” Application from Google, Play store or App store.

• Step 2: Open Hiketop app and accepts terms and conditions.

• Step 3: Now, Simply put the details of your “Fake Instagram Account” from which you want to follow others.

• Step 4: Then, click on Login so the Dashboard will open.

• Step 5: Now, You have to follow other peoples from your fake ID and collect Diamonds as you can.

• Step 6: After collecting Diamonds, You will add your Instagram account in which you want to increase followers.

• Step 7: And finally you will be getting real Instagram followers according to your collected diamonds.

How many followers will I get from 200 diamonds?

You can get too many followers like 150-200 active followers from 200 Diamonds. It depends on you because the more diamonds you collect the more followers you will get.

Is Hiketop application safe?

Hiketop application is safe & trusted. You can easily enter your details on it I have used it myself. It keeps your information safe & You can enter your Username and password without any hesitation.

Can I get 1k followers from Hiketop application?

Yes, why not you can get 1k followers in just three days with this application. You should collect 350 diamonds daily and spend it daily on your original ID, in this way you will complete your 1000 followers within three days only & We can say that Hiketop is the best app to get Instagram followers for free.

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TopFollow is an app for Android and IOS to increase the number of followers. After Hiketop, Topfollow is the best app to get Instagram followers for free. TopFollow is easy app to get your real and active followers. It has 1 lack+ downloads & it is the best app to promote your Instagram account.

In this app you have to collect coins & with the help of these coins you increase your followers. Many of my acquaintances have increased their Instagram followers by using this application & if you follow the steps I mentioned. You can also increase your Instagram followers very quickly.

Follow these steps to get free followers on your Instagram.

• Step 1: Simply Download “Topfollow” Application from Google, Play store or App store.

• Step 2: After click on sign in Now, Put account details of your “Temporary Instagram Account”.

• Step 3: Then, you will enter the Dashboard.

• Step 4: Now, click on “Tasks Option” and collect coins by doing simple tasks

• Step 5: When you will get coins then put your real ID in which you want to increase followers.

• Step 6: After adding your real account you will get free followers according to your coins.

You can make a lot of coins in “TopFollow” by following and liking peoples from your fake Account in some time.

Can I get 1k followers from TopFollow application?

Yes, of course, first you will have to make 8k coins which you can easily make then You can easily get 1K followers in 1 day.

We have chosen these two apps after a lot of research. If you choose any of the above two apps and follow their steps, I am sure that you will easily increase your Instagram followers and thus our purpose of writing this article on “best app to get Instagram followers for free” will also be fulfilled. 

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