Essential things you need for setting up a POS system

Essential things you need for setting up a POS system

Essential things you need for setting up a POS system


A POS system is a boon for small retail businesses. These amazing systems can turn your business around for good by automating complex tasks. It makes everyday operations of your retail shop easier by supporting each step and keeping accounts for all of it. 

A cloud-based POS system, moreover, can do it even more efficiently, and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket. Unlike traditional POS systems, it doesn’t require a setup of unique and specific hardware. Setting up a cloud POS system is fairly easy and simple.

Here are a few essential things that you will need, if you are planning to set up a cloud based POS system into your store.

  • Steady and fast internet connection

As a cloud based POS system is reliant on internet connection for almost everything, the first and foremost criteria for a smooth and functional POS system is a steady internet connection with considerable speed. It is recommended that you use a connection with at least 20-40 mbps speed in order to run a pos system for retail without any problems.

  • A compatible browser

Next, you will need a good browser through which you can access your point of sale system from your desktop or laptop. As per our recommendation, internet explorer doesn’t perform very well for running point of sale system. Google Chrome is a good choice for you if you need to use a lot of add-ons or extensions in the browser. It is pretty fast and advanced. Mozilla Firefox is also compatible with point of sale systems, and it in fact performs better in the data privacy department. Microsoft Edge is our third choice. If you don’t like the first two, Edge can be a decent choice for you as well.

  • Memory and processor

When it comes to system configuration of your desktop or laptop, it mostly depends on the choice of the POS software. When you are doing your research about which POS system to choose, you should also find out about the specific system requirements for the software. Generally, this information is easily available on their website, and you can check it from there without any problem. In general, the minimum system requirement for installing any cloud-based pos system and running it smoothly is 1.5 GHz of processor speed or higher, 2 GB of RAM or higher, and a minimum of 3 GB free space in your hard disk.

  • Barcode scanner

Barcode scanners, credit card readers, or retail cash counter machines compatible with a POS software are peripheral devices that are required in a retail establishment. A barcode scanner is one essential item for setting up a functional point of sale system. The barcode scanner reads the products and records each transaction. This is of utmost importance. It not only keeps track of sales, but also updates inventory information with product availability. So, without a barcode reader, the whole point of having an electronic point of sale system kind of fails.

  • Cash register

A cash register for retail store is the next important item to have. You need this in order to accept cash payments from your customers, and keep the cash in a safe and neat way. A cash register for POS software can be both manual and electronically operated. While choosing the best pos cash register for your store, make sure that it’s compatible with your software.

  • Credit card reader

Similarly, a credit card reader is required in order to accept cashless payments from your customers. Given that most customers today prefer this mode of payment, you’ll be missing out on a lot of sales if you do not offer this facility in your store.

  • Printer

Another important thing to add to your system is a POS compatible printer. You will need to print out invoices in order to give them to your customers, no matter what retail business you’re in. so, a functional printer is a mandatory requirement for your POS software set up.

As you can see, with these basic and simple items, you can set up your own point of sale system and start using them right away. Things like cash registers or credit card readers might not even be necessary for those running an online retail shop. However, in case of a brick and mortar store, it is better to have a complete setup in order to offer your customers a great shopping experience, and make purchasing easier and more fun for them.

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