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How to Get League Medals in Clash of Clans – Easy ways to get in 2023


How to get free League Medals in Clash of Clans?


One of those mobile games is Clash of Clans, which you must have tried or at least heard about through overbearing advertising. Millions of mobile gamers have been enjoying this addictive, free-to-play game with ferocious Barbarians and Wizard arsonists since 2012. Players can build a village, fight against other players online, and form how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans. Clan War Leagues are another option, in which participants fight for their clan and win a variety of prizes, such as League Medals.

How can Clash of Clan players obtain no-cost League Medals?

The Clan’s standing in the Group at the end of the season and the league in which the Clan is competing determine which players receive League Medals. The most League Medals will be awarded for winning the Group and finishing in the first place, and a few fewer Medals will be awarded for how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans finishing in lower positions.

How can you quickly acquire League Medals in Clash of Clans?

Therefore, you must participate in a Clan War League and win the group with the highest position for your clan to earn the most League Medals in the game. It’s interesting to note that how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans Leader or Co-Leader of your clan can also award additional League Medals to the Clan War League’s best players.

In Clash of Clans, how are League Medals obtained?

When their Clan performs well, players can Earn League Medals, which can be used as currency in the Clash of Clans League Shop. Participating in Clan War Leagues and Champion War Leagues is another way to acquire them.

How do I acquire League Coins?

For each hour that you watch live, over watch League matches on platforms that are eligible, you will receive five League Tokens. Because your viewing time is continuously tracked, you will receive credit for the total amount of time you spent watching if you watch 30 minutes in one session and then return for another 30 minutes later.

How to Get Clash of Clan League Medals?

You must first have a Clan that can participate in Clan War Leagues in order to win League Medals. In conclusion, you say:

  • You must be a member of a Clan, either by starting one or joining one.
  • Check to see if you’re Clan qualifies for Clan War League participation.

You can fight in War Leagues or more advanced Champion Leagues in Clash of Clans, which grant you how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans access to even more rewards but require your Clan to have a higher rank.

how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans in 2023

It is the responsibility of the Clan Leader to register their Clan for these events at least 2 days before they begin. Additionally, your Clan Leader must select you to represent the Clan in the League in order for you to participate. Even though all 50 clan members are eligible to participate in the battle, you will not be eligible to win any League Medals if you are not in the main lineup. The Clan Leader can only select 15 players to participate.

What to Do With Clash of Clans League Medals?

In the Village shop, you can make purchases with your Earned League Medals. The tab in the store with the Golden League Medals icon should be chosen. You can purchase a variety of currencies and items for a predetermined number of League Medals from the League Shop menu.

Now that you know how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans, join a Clan and prepare to fight in the Leagues for 8 days to protect the clan’s honor!

How to acquire Clash of Clans’ most valuable currency?

There are a lot of ways to win battles in Clash of Clans, but monthly clan war leagues are probably the best. Compete against other teams in team combat for a chance to advance to the big leagues and some of the best rewards in the game.

The update also included clan war leagues and league medals, which may still be the most valuable currency today. The best ways to spend them and how to get the most out of them are all listed here.

How League Medals Are Used?

In Clash of Clans, you can see how many league medals you have by going to the shop and then to the League shop, which is marked by how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans. This is only possible in your primary village. You can also spend the league medals you’ve collected thus far here. You can spend your league medals on gold and elixir, but if you can save up, you can get some of the best rewards in the game. One of the only ways to obtain hammers for heroes, building, combat, and spells are here. In Clash of Clans, these can significantly accelerate your progress toward the next town hall.


As a result, it is critical to make it onto the League’s main roster of 15 clan representatives because, whether you win or lose, you will almost certainly win some League Medals. The number of medals you get depends on a lot of things, like how well Clan did in battle and how well you did on your own, as well as bonuses and rewards how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans can give you after the League is over.

League Medals are required to obtain the most exclusive Clash of Clans items. They can only be obtained by competing in the top ranks of the popular mobile game. As a result, if you spend them, any rewards you get will immediately mark you as a very experienced player. In Clash of Clans, you can get your hands on League Medals.

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